Name giving

There are different types of naming ceremonies and each has a specific need to be met. This type of ceremony can be a lovely exclusive ceremony or a larger gathering that will be led by you. I can provide a certificate for signing if one is desired,


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Baby Naming

This is lovely way to welcome a new baby into the family. It is a lovely ceremony where the parents declare their love and give promises for their child and share the meaning of the name chosen. Other family members and your close circle of friends may also be asked to share readings, poems and promises and in other rituals like a candle ceremony to signify the importance of the newest family member.




A ceremony to acknowledge the completion of the adoption process or after reuniting with the birth parent(s) shows an opening of hearts that honours the child and the extending of family. 

Name Change 

When an adult decides to legally take a different name, then they may like an official welcome of the name taken and a celebration of the significance and importance of the new name. The ceremony includes a welcome and introduction, and a ritual like cutting of the cake for an example.