Pets and animals

A pet ceremony can be helpful when a new pet joins the family or when a beloved pet has passed. The attachment people form with their pets or animals is just as important for some people as those that they have to other people. A ceremony can be as long or as short as you wish. I will work with you to make it happen the way you would like.


Welcoming / Naming

Adopting a new pet and choosing the name has great significance to a family and a ceremony can help to acknowledge this. The new addition comes with new responsibilities and promises are made to care for the animal and these could be included in the ceremony. 

Funeral / Farewell

When a beloved pet or animal has passed, it may be helpful to hold a funeral to honour the importance of the relationship between animal and owner/family. You decide what is meaningful and a true representation of your pet or animal for the ceremony. This may include sharing stories and participating in saying goodbye with the support of family.